Hickory Hill Golf Center Features a Course Built for
Real Golfers

Here you'll find all the amenities of a country club without the cost. And it's a lot quicker to play!

          We do have some tough holes featuring either dogleg or water. But you'll enjoy playing here for many reasons. Two of those reasons have to be our 6,000 square foot tees and USGA greens. Well-maintained, our greens are not tough but and they roll true — some uphill, some downhill. Playing from the blue tees is more of a challenge, otherwise this is a fun course!

“In an era where the hearts and backs of hackers are broken on new courses
pushing the 8,000-yard barrier, Hickory Hill offers a chance to post a low
number and go home feeling good about your game.”
- Chris Wagner, Syracuse Post-Standard

          Hickory Hill Golf Center features a course built for real golfers. Dave Essig, owner and one of the designers of Hickory Hill Golf Center, had a very specific audience in mind when he started Hickory Hill in 2004:

“I did not build this course for the pros. I built it for “real golfers” — those of us who
are never going to break 100 – which is about 90 percent of all golfers.
We want you to come out and have fun.”

- Dave Essig, Owner

          Championship courses are not necessarily a lot of fun. In fact, they can discourage rather than encourage more golfers to continue their pursuit of great rounds.
          Even though this is a newer course it has a mature look and feel, with the signature, namesake shag bark hickory tree a familiar site. We're conveniently located one mile west of Rte 481, making us easy to get to, easy to play – easy to fall in love with!

          The course is 18 holes; it's a par-62 round and it's 4,200 yards. The grass is Kentucky Low Mow Blue with bentgrass greens. Period. You won't hear Dave offering up any of those “Sunday afternoon, TV commentator” descriptions of the holes on this course.

          You can walk it or take a cart. While you're here, you can work your entire arsenal of clubs or work on your iron game. Come out and learn the game or hone your existing game. Enjoy the first round of your life, or your umpteenth. It's that kind of golf course!

Ready for a round? Click here or Give us a call now at (315) 652-9822 for your tee time!

          The longest hole is 350 yards; the shortest is 150. There are a lot of other courses around here (private and public) but they're all regulation courses, which means it takes longer to play. That's our decided difference. Plus you have more chances to get a hole-in-one here than just about anywhere else – we have 10 par-3's and 8 par-4's!

          The course is open from 7am - dark May - September, weather permitting.

          The course stays open as long as Mother Nature cooperates; we keep a superintendent on-staff year-round.

We've got our own “Amen Corner”!

  • Five, six and seven offer a bit of a challenge-we've had people come off these three holes and ask, ‘What sadistic (blankety-blank) laid out this course?' HOWEVER — it's still an enjoyable course!
  • Five is tight on the right and passes over water.
  • Six and seven are tight on the right
  • Look out for the big shag bark hickory tree to the right on six. It's been known to lure in its share of errant balls.

Four sets of tees:

  • Blue 4,115
  • White 3,750
  • Red  3,127

Perhaps best of all — you can play the course in three hours!

          Getting in a round at Hickory Hill doesn't chew up a huge part of your day. If you get your chores done early, you can usually still get on with little or no problems. We suggest you call for reservations, but you don't have to!

          Maybe you've heard the old golf axiom, the word golf (G-O-L-F) stands for,“Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden.” NOTHING could be further from the way Dave Essig wants it at Hickory Hill. In fact, he welcomes ladies to both courses!

Ready for a round? Click here or give us a call now at (315) 652-9822 for your tee time!